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Krimweg 13A
7351 AS Hoenderloo



Our company has been active in Hoenderloo since 1925, of which for more than 40 years "the Husqvarna specialist" of the Netherlands. Through our extensive range of Husqvarna, forestry, outdoor, (work) clothing, (work) shoes & outdoor products, we have been a household name for both professional and private users for years. In addition to the many machines, we also supply all accessories in the field of forestry and garden and park maintenance.

Besides our physical shop, we extended our business activities online. Our webshop is specialized for the international needs of parts for the forestry and garden machinery. We supply only genuine parts to ensure the best for your machine. You may navigate through all our original part drawings or search by the part number in our search bar. Everything to make your shopping experience is as efficient and pleasurable as possible. The major part of the products available in our shop are present at location and will be ready for shipment directly after your order. Our expertise is not only present on the physical location but also online, You are free to contact us online by mail or phone and we will be happy to help you to make sure you get the right products and get to use them as soon as possible.

We work with two trustmarks to ensure and show our professionalism. 'Thuiswinkel Waarborg' and 'trust Eccommerce Europe' guarantees that we acknowledge the rights of our customers & that we meet with the European legal requirements. In addition to this, we gladly follow the european code of conduct