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KvK 32135639
Poseidonweg 17
8239DK Lelystad
Noppies is a brand for baby and children
clothing and helps the modern mum to be to feel
more self-assured during the highs and
lows of the extraordinary pregnancy
journey. We do this by providing care,
comfort and quality to the lives of our

The Noppies DNA is especially evident
in our core product, the Maternity
Denim: maternity jeans that are
designed to accommodate a growing
belly. Since the introduction of our Belly
band Denim 25 years ago, we have
been trusted to deliver a full range
of products that embody our ethos
of stylish, caring, comfort.

We pride
ourselves on producing collections that
display excellent quality while offering
good value-for-money, and that are
practical, functional and stylish. In
addition the the seasonal collections,
Noppies offers an outstanding Never
Out of Stock program containing
Lingerie, Nightwear, Jeans and Basic