We help e-retailers grow. Whether you are a starter or already a few years underway, our trustmarks guide your business to a higher level.

  • Thuiswinkel Waarborg

    Thuiswinkel Waarborg is the most important trustmark for Dutch e-tailers.

    • Best-known trustmark for e-retailers in the Netherlands
    • Free legal advice
    • Independent arbitration committee
    Winkelwagentje 800 X 400
  • Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

    Thuiswinkel Zakelijk is the trustmark for e-retailers selling to B2B customers.

    • This trustmark tells customers that your online store is to be trusted
    • is an established name in e-commerce
    • Comply with the latest laws and regulations
    Winkelwagentje Zakelijk 800 X 400
  • Shopping Secure

    Shopping Secure is’s new international trustmark.

    • International appeal
    • Expand your market
    • For B2C
    Winkelwagentje Shopping Secure 800 X 400 (2)
  • Thuiswinkel Platform

    With Thuiswinkel Platform, offers a trustmark for online platforms and marketplaces.

    • With Thuiswinkel Platform, online marketplaces show that they comply with all laws and regulations
    • Platforms featuring this trustmark show their visitors that they are legitimate and trustworthy
    • Platform sellers prefer working with certified platforms
    Winkelwagentjes 800 X 400
  • Sellers on platforms

    Do you sell products through platforms? In that case you can apply for Thuiswinkel Waarborg as well.

    • Improved visibility and trust on the platform with the Thuiswinkel Waarborg/Zakelijk badge*
    • Higher ranking on platforms*
    • Foster trust with a dedicated certificate*
    Winkelwagentje Vop 800 X 400