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Shopping Secure is’s new international trustmark. Recipients of this trustmark comply with applicable laws and regulations in other European countries and show foreign customers that they can be trusted.

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Any e-retailer looking to sell their products or services abroad will encounter new challenges. You will have to make sure you comply with all applicable laws and regulations, for instance, as well as gaining the trust of your international clientele and figuring out a way to deal with complaints from abroad, should they materialize. will help you navigate these challenges, so sign up for Shopping Secure today!

Unique selling points

  • International appeal
  • Expand your market
  • For B2C
  • International credibility with the Shopping Secure logo
  • Compliant with European laws and regulations
  • English-language complaint mediation

Expand your market with Shopping Secure

When dealing with cross-border e-commerce, businesses and consumers need a little more assurance. After all, there’s more distance between them and the seller, they might not always speak the same language, and laws and regulations in the two countries may vary. That’s why has now developed this international trustmark targeted specifically at B2C companies. With Shopping Secure, your foreign customers can rest assured that you’re a safe shopping destination, giving you the reputation you need to expand your business.

What is Shopping Secure?

Not just anyone can become a member of and Shopping Secure. These trustmarks stand for secure and reliable e-commerce in the Netherlands and abroad, so we require all our members to comply with the applicable laws and regulations. That’s why all our members must pass a certification process first, as well as undergoing annual re-certification. The certification process consists of three parts:

  • Your website is scanned for security leaks, so that customers know that they can stay safe and secure when shopping with you. Our ‘ethical hacking’ will tell you whether your website can withstand a full-on cyber assault.
  • Your business undergoes a legal test to see whether it complies with key European laws and regulations and, if applicable, rules and regulations for multiple other specific markets. After passing this test, you can rest assured that you comply with all applicable international laws and regulations, while demonstrating to your customers that all their rights, such as a 14-day cooling-off period and clear pricing, are protected.
  • Your business has its financials monitored, so that customers can count on your financial stability.

How does it work?

Only members are allowed to display the Shopping Secure logo, which means that all Shopping Secure recipients must have their Dutch and foreign e-commerce websites certified. Not a member of yet? Sign up today.

For an additional fee, we can certify that our members comply with all common laws and regulations applicable in the European Union. Want to be fully compliant for one specific country? Just let us know and apply for additional certification. Please note that this falls beyond the scope of standard Shopping Secure certification and comes at extra costs.

International reviews

Shopping Secure members who sell their products or services abroad can also invite foreign customers to write reviews about your online stores and/or your products and services. As for the Dutch market, we offer the international Thuiswinkel Reviews in collaboration with KiyOh, an independent service provider, at a monthly rate of €12.50 for 250 invitations.

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