We help e-retailers grow. Whether you are a starter or already a few years underway, our services guide your business to a higher level.

  • Thuiswinkel Reviews

    Our members can profit from our exclusive review system.

    • Competitive rate
    • Automatic invitations
    • Verified Reviews
    Thuiswinkel Reviews Lijstweergave 800 X 400 Houten Blokjes Met Sterren
  • Free legal advice

    Do you need any help interpreting the law? We have a number of top legal advisors who are happy to help you. Free of charge.

    • Consumer Law
    • General Terms and Conditions
    • Privacy Act
    Wethamer En Laptop 800X400
  • Complaint mediation

    Have you received a complaint from a customer and do you want to know your rights? Our legal team can help.

    • Complaint mediation
    • Free legal advice
    • Free dispute database for inspiration purposes
    Klantenservice Smileys En Hand 800X400
  • Bewust Bezorgd

    Bewust Bezorgd helps you to make the delivery of packages to consumers even more efficient and sustainable.

    • Keep track of your carbon emissions
    • Check the impact of your carbon savings
    • Green your store and boost your revenue
    Bewust Bezorgd Lijstweergave 800 X 400 Bewust Bezorgd Naam Steentjes En Plant
  • Advocacy represents the interests of its members with the policymakers in both The Hague and Brussels.

    • Policy advisors on key topics
    • Good political connections in both The Hague and Brussels
    • Strong negotiating position
    Belangenbehartiging Lijstweergave 800 X 400 Handen Schudden
  • Thuiswinkel Widget

    In the Thuiswinkel Widget you can collect all information on your online store in one spot.

    • All the information about the reliability of your website in one place: verified contact information, the certificate and Thuiswinkel Reviews
    • The widget hovers in the same place, constantly reminding consumers that your website has been verified.
    • We make sure that the information in the widget stays up to date, so you don't have to take any action yourself
    Widget Voorbeeld Webshop Certificaat
  • Platform-to-Business Mediation offers a mediation service to online platforms. As an independent and impartial organization, it can resolve disputes between online e-commerce platforms and businesses without court intervention.

    Bemiddeling Panorama