Thuiswinkel Zakelijk has had a reliable trustmark for consumers for over two decades, but businesses also need assurance when it comes to online purchases. That’s why we’ve recently launched an online trustmark for the B2B market a well: Thuiswinkel Zakelijk.

Webshops Panorama

Thuiswinkel Zakelijk is the online trustmark for wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers and e-retailers who are involved in e-commerce and are looking to build trust among their customers. Business orders are often considerably larger than consumer orders, giving customers all the more reason to look for assurance that they’re doing business with a reliable seller.

Unique selling points

  • This trustmark tells customers that your online store is to be trusted
  • is an established name in e-commerce
  • Comply with the latest laws and regulations


Not just anyone can become a member of Thuiswinkel Zakelijk stands for safe and secure online shopping, so we require our members to meet all relevant rules and regulations. That’s why our members must undergo a certification process and are recertified every year. The certification process consists of three parts: a legal test, financial monitoring and a security scan.

More than a trustmark

Thuiswinkel Zakelijk is part of, so B2B businesses can enjoy all the benefits of our standard trustmark, including: