Safe online shopping with Shopping Secure

We all shop online, spending more money on these purchases every year. We’re, the Dutch e-commerce interest group that also issues the international Shopping Secure trustmark, and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about safe online shopping.


How can you stay safe while shopping online? Every time you buy something online, you set in motion a complicated process to get your order delivered to your front door. A large part of this process is out of your control, because it’s managed by the e-retailer you purchased a product or service from, but what can you do to ensure your online purchases are as secure and protected as possible? And what rights do you have if something goes wrong? We will share with you everything you need to know about safe online shopping.   

Real or fake? 

Anyone can be an e-retailer. So how can you make sure you’re dealing with a reliable seller who will actually ship what you bought? Here’s how to tell genuine from fraudulent websites and stay safe while shopping online

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What is Shopping Secure? 

Shopping Secure is the premier trustmark for online retailers, and our members have to go through a rigorous certification process every year. Only the very best e-retailers are allowed to become members, so you can stay safe and e-shop until you drop!

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