Thuiswinkel Platform has a dedicated logo, certificate and certification process for platforms (online marketplaces). Through this certification, aims to contribute to strengthening and maintaining consumer trust in platforms.

Platform Panorama

We believe it is essential that the level of consumer trust in, and consumer protection on, platforms is high. To facilitate this, we have launched a platform-specific certification process.

Unique selling points

  • With Thuiswinkel Platform, online marketplaces show that they comply with all laws and regulations
  • Platforms featuring this trustmark show their visitors that they are legitimate and trustworthy
  • Platform sellers prefer working with certified platforms

What is the added value of Thuiswinkel Platform?

By using this trustmark and the accompanying badge, certified platforms, marketplaces and brokers can stand out from the competition. The badge shows clearly that the platform itself is certified, rather than one of the sellers on the platforms. In other words, the Thuiswinkel Platform badge is a great way for platforms, marketplaces and brokers to signal their credibility and trustworthiness to consumers and third-party sellers.

In addition, we are expanding our brokerage services on platforms featuring the Thuiswinkel Platform badge. In addition to acting as a broker between consumers and platform sellers affiliated with, we now also broker between consumers and non-certified platform sellers in the event of complaints about a product or service. Consumers can only turn to our arbitration committee for purchases made from certified sellers.

What is Thuiswinkel Platform?

Certified platforms are allowed to display the Thuiswinkel Platform trustmark, including the corresponding certificate. This gives platforms the opportunity to stand out and contributes to protecting Dutch buyers on platforms and marketplaces. 

In general, pays attention to the following in its platform audits:

  • Clear information about the identity of the seller provided by the platform.
  • Clear information about the ranking of a product on the platform.
  • Clear information about the role the platform will play in case of a complaint about a seller.
  • Clear information about how reviews are created and published.
  • The platform makes an effort to keep out fraudulent sellers or unsafe products.
  • Customers are able to pay for their purchase later, either in part or in full.
  • The order process is clear and customers can pay through a secure connection.
  • The platform processes personal data securely and the overall platform is safe and secure.

Who is Thuiswinkel Platform for? launched the platform certificate and badge to distinguish between certified e-retailers, platforms and sellers on platforms. As such, Thuiswinkel Platform is mainly intended for:

  • platforms;
  • marketplaces;
  • brokers and agents, including cottage rental companies and travel agents;
  • comparison sites.