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In a world that is changing rapidly, we need and want to grow together towards a safer, more sustainable and more innovative future. Our strategy is in line with this social development. We want to inspire, facilitate and mobilize our members with knowledge, insights and tools. Only then will we collectively take responsibility, minimize the impact of cyber risks & online fraud and ensure responsible entrepreneurship with an eye for the environment. This is how we make shopping smarter.

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Press contact

Marlene ten Ham, director of Thuiswinkel.org, is our spokesperson. She can be reached at +31 (0)318 - 648 575 and info@thuiswinkel.org. On this page, you’ll find all information for the press and media.


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Much more than a trustmark for e-retailers 

Thuiswinkel.org is a leading inspirational e-commerce network that helps stores and e-retailers that sell products and/or services, businesses and their employees to be more successful. We offer relevant and practical solutions with our Thuiswinkel Waarborg, Thuiswinkel Business & Shopping Secure trustmarks, Thuiswinkel Reviews, legal tools, advocacy, market research and our Thuiswinkel e-Academy learning platform.

Consumers mainly know us through our Thuiswinkel Waarborg, a trustmark that assures consumers they’re dealing with a reliable, safe e-retailer and that can only be obtained after passing a thorough certification process. It is no coincidence that 93% of consumers know our logo and 72% are more likely to buy from an online store bearing our trustmark.

As an advocacy group, we do more than just issue trustmarks: we stand up for the interests of Dutch and foreign e-retailers and assist our members with free legal advice, research and our network, as well as by sharing knowledge through our ShoppingTomorrow platform. On top of that, we provide valuable business tools and created the successful Thuiswinkel Waarborg Reviews. Through the Thuiswinkel e-Academy, we help our members employees learn the tricks of the trade. 

The members of Thuiswinkel.org

Thuiswinkel.org has more than 2,000 members who sell online products and services to consumers. Together, our members represent more than 70% of consumer spending in the Netherlands. They come from every conceivable industry, such as travel, apparel, consumer electronics, insurance, sports, toys, homeware, brown and white goods, dating, IT and software. Thanks to the diversity of its members, Thuiswinkel.org is a leading partner for policymakers, stakeholders and political decision-makers.

The history of Thuiswinkel.org

On December 20, 2000, 38 companies joined forces to found Thuiswinkel.org, marking the formal merger of two existing associations, the Dutch Mail Order Association and the Association of Online Retailers. The two organizations decided to continue as a new advocacy group for all physical and digital stores in the Netherlands: Thuiswinkel.org.

Thuiswinkel.org is an association

As we’re an association, we do not have a profit motive, which means the fees we charge are only used to fund activities and initiatives to benefit our members. Our events are funded by ticket sales and sponsorships. We even set up a separate foundation for the Thuiswinkel Awards: Stichting Nationale Thuiswinkel Awards.

Members of Thuiswinkel.org have a say in how the association is run through the General Assembly. The association’s policy is set by the board, which consists of CEOs of member stores, as elected by the members. Our CEO, Marlene ten Ham, is responsible for the general management of Thuiswinkel.org.

Members can also help decide our advocacy positions by serving on various digital committees dedicated to relevant digital commerce issues, such as e-commerce, payment, privacy, fraud, security and logistics.

Our members must adhere to our Articles of Association and our Internal Regulations.

Thuiswinkel.org in Europe 

To be able to influence European rules and regulations and to work towards a positive business climate, Thuiswinkel.org has joined up with about 20 other national advocacy groups in Ecommerce Europe

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Webshops that are members of Thuiswinkel.org receive much more than a quality mark. It is our mission to make shopping smarter. Our services help you shop smarter in the areas of Trust, Knowledge, Innovation and Influence. We also focus on Sustainable Growth, with our #shopresponsible strategy we prepare your shop for the future.

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