Thuiswinkel Waarborg

Thuiswinkel Waarborg is the trustmark for customer-facing e-retailers. This trustmark will ultimately increase consumer trust and, therefore, improve your conversion rate. But we do so much more!

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When buying products and services online, consumers want a seller they can trust, and trustmarks for e-retailers can be valuable evidence of credibility. The Thuiswinkel Waarborg trustmark is the best and best-known trustmark for e-retailers, as only the pick of the litter can join. Do you want to be a certified e-retailer with a higher conversion rate? Then join our club.

Unique selling points

  • Best-known trustmark for e-retailers in the Netherlands
  • Free legal advice
  • Independent arbitration committee
  • Your store is scanned for security leaks
  • Your store is subjected to a legal test
  • Your store has its financials monitored

More credibility with Thuiswinkel Waarborg

Consumers only buy products and services from e-retailers they trust. But who should you trust and who should you give a wide berth? We lend consumers a helping hand by certifying e-retailers, demonstrating that they have their online affairs in order and assuring consumers that they can shop there securely.

Secure shopping with Thuiswinkel Waarborg

Some trustmarks can simply be bought: effectively, all you have to do is pay a fee for the right to display a logo. However, that’s not how we do things. Prospective members have to apply first, before being subjected to three tests:

  • Legal test: Completely clueless about online laws and regulations? No worries – we and our partners are genuine experts. We will have your store tested by an external agency to guarantee that you comply with all applicable rules.
  • Financial monitoring: so that consumers can count on your online store being financially stable.
  • Security scan: Your website is scanned for security leaks, so that consumers know that they can stay safe and secure when shopping with you. Our "ethical hacking" will tell you whether your website can withstand a full-on cyber assault and whether you process customer data securely.

If you manage to pass all three tests, our 2000 other members, 150 business partners and we ourselves will cordially welcome you to the club.

Thuiswinkel Waarborg is more than a trustmark

We want to advance e-commerce as a whole, and doing so will take more than just a trustmark.

  • That’s why we give our members free legal advice and proactively inform them of any changes in the law.
  • Moreover, our surveys will tell you exactly what’s going on in the market.
  • We even offer free online training for your employees through our e-learning modules.
  • Our lobbyists can frequently be found in The Hague and Brussels to discuss all things e-commerce. We defend your interests as an e-retailer.
  • We’re working towards greening the sector with our Bewust Bezorgd calculation tool for delivery options.

And that’s just the start of everything we do... To find out more about our efforts, head over to our comprehensive overview.

Join the best e-retailers in the Netherlands

Not just anyone can become a member of Only e-retailers who have all their affairs in order can bear the Thuiswinkel Waarborg label. More than 2,000 members have already gone before you. Are you one of the best e-retailers in the country and are you ready for more customers and online sales?

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