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Webshops that are members of receive much more than a quality inspires, facilitates and mobilizes its members and consumers with knowledge, insights and tools. We do everything to let you answer the question: what is smart? Because only then will we grow together towards a safer, more sustainable and more innovative future.

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Membership benefits

Our membership is based the needs of web shops: Trust, Knowledge, Innovation, Influence and Sustainability.

Growth in trust

  • 96% recognize the Thuiswinkel Guarantee. create extra trust and conversion
  • 80% is influenced by reviews. Show how customer-friendly you are with Thuiswinkel Reviews.
  • Comply confidently with the law with Legal Advice (and avoid fines).
  • Sell across borders without worries? Go for Shopping Secure.

Increase knowledge in your organization

  • With e-learnings for your employees.
  • With various e-commerce surveys and reports.
  • With the online dashboard of the Thuiswinkel Market Monitor.
  • With knowledge articles and white/bluepapers.

Accelerate innovation

  • Participate in ShoppingTomorrow's expert groups.
  • Attend our knowledge events such as Shopping Today.
  • Join us on a study tour to Sillicon Valley.

Political influence

  • Expand your network and have a say in e-commerce policy.
  • Gain insight into the laws coming our way and where we are in the process.
  • Strong bargaining power: we represent 70% of online consumer spending.

Sustainable growth

  • Our consultants will help you on your way to making your shop more sustainable.
  • Certify your shop for sustainability and contribute to a better environment.
  • Attract additional customers and conversion.

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Webshops that are members of receive much more than a quality mark. It is our mission to make shopping smarter. Our services help you shop smarter in the areas of Trust, Knowledge, Innovation and Influence. We also focus on Sustainable Growth, with our #shopresponsible strategy we prepare your shop for the future.

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