Benefits for business partners

In addition to the many standard benefits, offers its business partners several exclusive services to further strengthen our partnership.

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Exclusive services for business partners

In addition to its many standard benefits, offers its business partners various exclusive services that will help them stand out as experts in their field. These services include:

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Become a chair or host within our ShoppingTomorrow research platform

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ShoppingTomorrow is the premier digital commerce knowledge network in the Netherlands. ShoppingTomorrow is an exclusive, active network for e-commerce professionals that strives to forge new insights for the industry. How will future trends and developments in business models, customer journeys and technology affect employees, companies and the Dutch economy?

The chairs of the various expert groups are responsible for driving progress, convening the expert group and, ultimately, for delivering results. The hosts, on the other hand, provide the necessary financial backing and lead the expert groups while at the same time participating as full members. Together with the ShoppingTomorrow team, the chair and host set the research question and approach of the group, as well as the profile for the participating experts.

Participating in ShoppingTomorrow has many benefits, including:

  • Three free tickets to all ShoppingTomorrow conferences per company and per expert group.
  • Access to all research materials and reports from the ShoppingTomorrow program.
  • Network of more than 600 e-commerce professionals.
  • Have your name, company name and logo featured on ShoppingTomorrow’s website, in the bluepaper and in the ShoppingTomorrow book.

For more information about the research platform, the role of the hosts and chairs or the other benefits, head over to the ShoppingTomorrow website.

Become an expert with Thuiswinkel E-academy’s e-learning courses

In our e-learning courses, Dutch and international experts share best practices and useful theories. Put your newly acquired knowledge to the test with practical examples and assignments, so that you can start applying it right away in your organization.

For business partners, these e-learning courses (which are in Dutch) are entirely free, and you can even volunteer to contribute to an e-learning course in your field. All e-learning courses are based on the expertise of’s experts, and these courses are a great way to share your knowledge with eager learners, while building a reputation as a true expert in your field.

For more information about the Thuiswinkel e-Academy and the various e-learning courses, head over to

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Share and gain access to interesting market research business partners get free access to all our market research and surveys, as well as relevant e-commerce research results, such as the Thuiswinkel Market Monitor, the B2B E-commerce Market Monitor and the Holiday Survey.

On top of that, we are always eager to collaborate on new market research projects. Looking for a research partner or a better way to disseminate your own research? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and discuss your options.

For more information about our market surveys and studies or to inquire about a potential partnership, please contact us through

Participate in our events and share yours

Depending on their chosen package, business partners get free or discounted access to the various annual events we organize, including the Shopping Awards, Shopping Today and the New Year's Reception. On top of that, there are various ways in which you get involved in organizing events, such as by setting up an expert session or through sponsoring.

In addition to physical events, we also regularly create webinars and podcasts, especially now that COVID-19 has stopped us from organizing large physical events. In these broadcasts, we sit down with experts to discuss wide-ranging topics, in which our business partners can play a valuable role.

Finally, we would also love to help you increase the reach of your own events, e.g. by listing them on our own event list, which covers both our events and those organized by our partners. Let us know when and where your event will take place and we’ll make sure to include it in our calendar and, if possible, in our social posts and/or newsletters.

Share your knowledge and expertise in blogs

We love sharing relevant content with our members through our website, newsletters and social media. We write much of this content ourselves, but we never shy away from calling in the help of our business partners for in-depth pieces on specialist topics. That’s why we frequently share blogs and articles authored by experts other than ourselves, as long as they can benefit our members! We may contact you if we’re looking for a text on a topic you’re specialized in, but please feel free to contact us yourself if you have written a piece that you think may be of value! Chances are that we’ll be able to publish it through our channels.

The other benefits of being a business partner

As a business partner of, you get to:

  • network with the Netherlands’ leading e-retailers;
  • gain the trust of customers and prospects;
  • keep up to date with the latest facts and figures;
  • use the legal helpdesk and the Thuiswinkel Privacy Tool;
  • Send out 250 invitations for customer reviews;
  • benefit from many more perks. has two business partner packages to give suppliers the opportunity to benefit from the perks listed above in various ways. Business Partner Package I is available to all suppliers, while Business Partner Package II is available to companies with up to ten employees. For more information on these packages, please contact Arthur Vastenholt.