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All e-retailers are inevitably faced with customer complaints at some point or other. The question is, however, how to solve them. If you can’t find a solution or if you’re unsure about your legal options, our team is ready to assist you. 

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Complaints come in all shapes and sizes. Some may be justified, whereas others might not be. Ultimately, it's about how you handle the complaint. If you can’t come to a solution with the customer or would like to find out more about your options, we’re here to help. 

Unique selling points

  • Complaint mediation
  • Free legal advice
  • Free dispute database for inspiration purposes
  • Independent Arbitration Committee

Complaint mediation and legal advice

Consumers can file complaints with us about e-retailers, which we then forward to the e-retailer in question. It is important that the complaint be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties as soon as possible. If you can’t work it out together, if you have questions about what rights or obligations you have as a seller, or if you’d just like to bounce ideas off us, our legal experts are here to help. 

Independent arbitration committee

All members of are members of the Thuiswinkel Arbitration Committee, which falls under the Stichting Geschillencommissies voor Consumentenzaken (Foundation for Consumer Arbitration Committees, SGC) in The Hague and is independent of The Arbitration Committee only handles disputes with e-retailers who are members of 

Free dispute database for inspiration purposes

If you are in a dispute or if there is a realistic chance that you will be one soon, we have a comprehensive database of disputes and rulings for our members. You can use this database to check if there is precedent for your dispute and what the ruling was in the past. Incredibly useful and interesting. 

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