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The Bewust Bezorgd calculation tool helps to make shipping to consumers even more efficient and sustainable. developed the tool in collaboration with Connekt and Topsector Logistics, with large online retailers such as OTTO, Wehkamp, Coolblue and and carriers PostNL, DHL and Dynalogic also playing a major role in the development process.

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The Bewust Bezorgd delivery tool calculates how much carbon will be emitted to ship a particular package based on several variables, including the volume of packages sent, the distance travelled, the means of transport used, the fill level of the delivery vans, and the preferred delivery option, helping you determine what factors to tweak to reduce emissions even further.

Unique selling points

  • Keep track of your carbon emissions
  • Check the impact of your carbon savings
  • Green your store and boost your revenue
  • Offer your customers a green delivery option
  • Wear your environmental consciousness on your sleeve

The Bewust Bezorgd tool, free for all members!

The e-retailers and carriers involved in the development process tested, improved and tweaked the tool in 2018, and it is now finally ready to be implemented. Sign up now and find out how to use the Bewust Bezorgd for your store.

The tool is an Application Programming Interface, or API, that has to be linked to your e-commerce software. When a consumer orders a product, the corresponding data are processed right away, showing you exactly how much carbon will be emitted to ship the package. If your store uses Magento, you can simply connect your system with Bewust Bezorgd by using the Magento extension.

After implementing Bewust Bezorgd, the tool will automatically map out the carbon impact of your logistics. You will have access to a personal dashboard that is updated daily and will show you exactly which changes you can make to reduce your overall carbon emissions. Calculate your carbon impact with Bewust Bezorgd.

In it together

E-retailers can contribute to reducing carbon emissions, but so can consumers. Once you’ve figured out your most sustainable delivery option, don’t hesitate to let your customers know. Display the Bewust Bezorgd logo next to the must sustainable delivery option at checkout or tell your customers some other way, such as with a pop-up, a separate sustainability page, your newsletter or with social media posts. Whatever option you end up choosing, make sure to give your customers the opportunity to make a deliberate, sustainable decision and have their order shipped in an environmentally friendly way. Find out how you can make your customers more environmentally conscious!!

Curious about the calculation model?

Bewust Bezorgd is based on the BigMile Analytics method (formerly Lean & Green) and meets all applicable European requirements, making sure that all companies measure emissions using the same method. Click on the first step to follow the process as it unfolds!

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