How do you get the trustmark?

Our labels Thuiswinkel Waarborg and Thuiswinkel Zakelijk stand for safe online shopping. We find it important that our members comply with laws and regulations. That's why our members go through a certification process and are recertified every year. Our support experts will help you every step of the way.

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Certification in 3 steps

First, complete the application form. You will receive an invitation to a personal account where we request additional information. Also, a support expert will contact you for personal clarification.

Step 1: legal check

Your webshop is reviewed by an external legal agency and you fill out an online questionnaire. This usually results in a number of findings. After making a number of adjustments, your shop complies with the law.

Step 2: security scan

Your webshop is scanned for security leaks. Thanks to this ethical hacking, you know whether your webshop is protected against a cyber attack and whether you handle customer data securely.

Step 3: financial monitoring

Known annual figures are checked so that consumers can count on your webshop being financially stable.


After completion you are a certified member of! Your shop is included in our list of members. You can place the trustmark on your website and share it with your (potential) customers! You can also use Thuiswinkel Reviews to show how customer friendly your web shop is.

The procedure of applying for the trustmark takes 4 to 6 weeks on average. We assume that your website is live and that you implement our advice in the short term.

Do you have questions
about membership?

Then contact our accountmanager Ingrid. She will be happy to help you further.

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