Thuiswinkel Platform
Certificate declares that its member:
may carry Thuiswinkel Platform.

This means that has been certified as a platform by the Thuiswinkel Waarborg Certification Foundation. The working method and the conditions used that were observed during the certification process are in accordance with Dutch law and regulations. The platform will be certified every year. was first certified on December 4 2023 offers you at least the following 10 certainties:

  1. The company really exists and you can reach:

    Business address
    Osloweg 110
    9723BX Groningen
    Postal address
    Osloweg 110
    9723BX Groningen
    Phone number +31 (0) 850250182
    Website URL
    CoC 76103080
    Member since December 4 2023
  2. You know from whom you are buying

    The platform clearly identifies who the seller is, so that you know from whom you are buying, what conditions apply and what you can do when you have a complaint.

  3. Reviews are genuine

    The store, product and service reviews that are shown on the platform are from real customers. The platform provides information on its website on how the reviews were obtained.

  4. The platform informs you about its ranking

    The platform is transparent on the order of search results and explains why you see these. This offers you the opportunity to compare sellers.

  5. You Can Pay (Part of) the Purchase Amount after Delivery

    Our members offer their customers the possibility to pay part of the purchase amount upon or after delivery. This only applies to the purchase of products.

  6. Clear Ordering Process

    The online shop's ordering process takes place via unambiguous steps. It is clear what you order before you enter into a purchase obligation and you will have another chance to correct it before placing the order.

  7. Prices Are Clear

    You are correctly informed about any additional costs, such as shipping, payment, policy or administration costs. This means no unexpected costs afterwards.

  8. Safe Payment Environment

    When you make a payment in an online shop, this will always take place through a secured connection with a SSL certificate (HTTPS and/or a lock at the top or the bottom of the web page).

  9. Careful Processing of Your Personal Data has an obligation to do its utmost to ensure the safe transport, safe processing and safe storage of personal data. In addition, customers should be able to easily unsubscribe from commercial emails. regularly talks to about its obligations. In addition, carries out it safety check on the certified online shops and platforms. Read here how guarantees this >

  10. Sound Mediation of Complaints and Independent Arbitration Committee

    When you still have a complaint about the seller on the platform or the platform itself, despite these certainties, please contact immediately or submit a complaint through the complaint form. If you are not able to work it out together, can help you through free complaints mediation. When you are still not satisfied after this, a seller who carries the Thuiswinkel Waarborg trustmark can submit a dispute with the independent Thuiswinkel Disputes Committee. Unfortunately, this option is not available for sellers without our trustmark. Please check the Arbitration Committee's procedure. stands surety for compliance with the committee's decision to an amount of up to €10.000 per decision. This guarantee does not apply when the company finds itself in suspension of payment or is bankrupt; is no guarantee fund.

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