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If you buy products and services for your business online, look out for Shopping Secure B2B, the first ever trustmark for B2B e-retailers. Carefree online shopping for businesses! Click here if you are a B2B retailer.


Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

Recognize our B2B trustmark! is the body responsible for issuing the internal B2B trustmark Shopping Secure B2B. You can count on e-retailers with this trustmark to be honest and reliable, safe in the knowledge that they meet important criteria with regard to rules & regulations, safety & security and financial stability. All members are certified annually. 

The guarantees of Shopping Secure B2B

  • The company really exists 
    Contact and branch details have been checked and are clearly stated on the certificate.
  • Business governed by Dutch law 
    The agreement is entered into under Dutch law. Moreover, the general terms and conditions for business are easy to find and are not at odds with Dutch law. 
  • Clear offering: you know exactly what you’re buying 
    All products and/or services come with a clear and realistic description.
  • Clear order process 
    The order process is clear and unambiguous. You know what you are ordering before you commit to the purchase and you are given the opportunity to edit your order before finalizing it. 
  • Clear pricing
    You are properly informed of all additional costs, if applicable, such as shipping and payment costs and policy and admin fees. Because this is a B2B order, all prices are exclusive of VAT and this is stated clearly. 
  • Secure payment environment
    All payments made to the e-retailer are managed through a secure connection with an SSL certificate (HTTPS and/or lock icon at the top or bottom of the page).
  • Careful handling of your personal data 
    The e-retailer undertakes to make its best efforts in ensuring secure transport, secure processing, and the secure storage of personal data. regularly reminds the e-retailer of its obligations and conducts IT security tests. Moreover, you can easily unsubscribe from commercial emails (go to the “Security” and “Email” sections below to find out how monitors and guarantees this).
  • Sound complaint mediation and arbitration in Dutch courts
    If you still have a complaint despite these guarantees, all it takes is three steps to find a satisfactory solution. The first step is to notify the e-retailer and tell them you are not satisfied. If you cannot find a solution together, the second step is to submit a complaint via will assist you in the rest of the mediation process. If you are still not satisfied after completing this process, the third step is to submit a dispute to a Dutch court. If you and the e-retailer agree, you can also go to a certified arbitration committee for arbitration.


Security is an important issue for e-retailers and their customers, especially when it comes to personal data. and Shopping Secure take their responsibility in this regard by regularly informing e-retailers about the latest security trends and developments, as well as testing and screening members to find common vulnerabilities and to check whether personal data is properly secured. However, all security tests and scans are merely a snapshot in time, and e-retailers are primarily responsible for security themselves. While Shopping Secure B2B does not guarantee 100% secure e-commerce, it can help members make their websites secure.


If you are the unwanted recipient of commercial emails, you can easily unsubscribe by following the instructions contained in the emails or on the e-retailer’s website.

Not a guarantee fund

Shopping Secure B2B is not a guarantee fund. If a member goes bankrupt or enters into administration, Shopping Secure cannot ensure that you will get your money back.

Member List

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