How can you check whether the trustmark is authentic?

Unfortunately, some e-retailers use the Thuiswinkel Waarborg or Shopping Secure logo on their websites without our permission. How can you make sure you’re dealing with a real or Shopping Secure member? 

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We do everything in our power to ensure that only members can use the Thuiswinkel Waarborg and/or Shopping Secure logo on their websites, but – unfortunately – there are still some e-retailers who use our logo illegally. That’s why it’s always best to double-check whenever you see our logo on a website. What are some things you can look out for? 

The and Shopping Secure member list

Have a quick look in our member list to see if you can find the e-retailer in question by searching for their name. 

Click on the Thuiswinkel Waarborg or Shopping Secure logo

Click on the Thuiswinkel Waarborg or Shopping Secure logo shown on the website or on the seller page. You can usually find the logo in the header of footer, or in the widget, if applicable. Clicking on the logos below should take you to the official Thuiswinkel Waarborg or Shopping Secure certificate page. Check out this example of an official certificate.

Check out the Shopping Secure widget

Our members can also opt to place our widget on their website. In the image below, you can see the widget in the upper left corner. 

Clicking on the widget causes the following popup to appear, which shows you that the website has been certified, as well as what data we have checked and validated.

Beware of fake logos and fake certificates

Unfortunately, we have come across cases of malicious e-retailers illegally using the Thuiswinkel Waarborg or Shopping Secure logo on their websites and even spoofing our certificate pages. Always try clicking on the logo to see whether it takes you to an official certificate page or the website. When doing this, pay close attention to the URL; that is, the web address that appears in your browser window. 

There are two things to look for in a real certificate:

  1. A lock icon in the address bar.
  2. The web address of the certificate page (URL) should always be structured as follows:[e-retailername]/certificaat. 

The screenshot shown below is a complete Shopping Secure certificate, as it would appear on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. On small devices, the green ribbon on the left will disappear, but the text and URL will stay the same!

  • Is it all 100% kosher? Congrats, you’re dealing with a Shopping Secure e-retailer. Have fun shopping!
  • Not a 100% hit? You might have a bad apple on your hands. When in doubt, never pay in advance, not even with the iDEAL payment tool.

Still not sure? If you have any questions, contact us at