Why you should look for the Shopping Secure trustmark

Shopping Secure is the quality trustmark for international online shopping. There are now around 2,200 e-retailers who have earned this trustmark.

Thuiswinkel Waarborg

The guarantees of Shopping Secure

You can be assured that e-retailers who display the Shopping Secure logo are safe and honest businesses. After all, they comply with strict requirements with regard to rules and regulations, security, and financial stability.

  • You know where you’re shopping: We’ve checked the retailer’s contact and location details and they’re clearly stated on the Shopping Secure certificate.
  • A 14-day cooling-off period (minimum): The Shopping Secure trustmark guarantees that members comply with the statutory 14-day cooling-off period.
  • Buy now, pay later: Customers are allowed to pay part of the purchase price upon or after delivery.
  • Clear offering: All products and/or services come with a clear description that corresponds to reality.
  • Clear order process: The order process is clear and unambiguous. You know what you are ordering before you commit to the purchase and you are given the opportunity to edit your order before finalizing it.
  • Clear pricing: You are properly informed of all additional costs, if applicable, such as shipping and payment costs and policy and admin fees, so you can rest assured that you will not run into any unexpected costs later!
  • Secure payment environment: All payments made to e-retailers are processed through a secure connection with an SSL certificate (HTTPS and/or a lock icon at the top or bottom of the page).
  • Careful processing of your personal data: Our members undertake to make their best efforts to ensure the secure transport, processing and storage of personal data. In addition, customers should be able to easily unsubscribe from commercial emails. You can read more about this below.
  • Sound complaint mediation and an independent arbitration committee: If you have a complaint about a Shopping Secure member, despite these guarantees, you can notify the e-retailer directly or submit a complaint through www.thuiswinkel.org/klacht-indienen. If you can’t come to a satisfactory solution, Thuiswinkel.org will help you with free mediation.

Personal data protection

Security is an important issue for e-retailers and their customers, especially when it comes to personal data. Thuiswinkel.org takes its responsibility in this regard by frequently informing e-retailers about the latest security trends and developments. In addition, we test and screen our members to find common vulnerabilities and to check personal data are properly secured. Still, all security tests and scans are merely snapshots in time, and e-retailers are primarily responsible for security themselves. Shopping Secure does not guarantee that its members are 100% safe, but we do help them secure their websites.