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Do you sell products and/or services online to customers in other countries? Apply for our international Shopping Secure trustmark now. In cross-border ecommerce, B2B customers and consumers feel an extra need for security when shopping online. There is a longer distance between them and the seller, in many cases the seller speaks another language and they often have to deal with differing laws and regulations. That is why has set op this international trustmark for B2C and B2B companies. 

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What does Shopping Secure entail?

  1. Your online shop will be scanned on security leaks so that customers know that they can safely shop in your store. Thanks to "ethical hacking" you know whether your online shop is protected against a cyber-attack or not.
  2. Your online shop will be legally tested so that you can be assured that it complies with laws and regulations and that your customers can rely on their rights, including a 14-day time of reflection and clear pricing.
  3. Your online shop will be financially monitored so that customers can count on the fact that your online store is financially stable.

Shopping Secure offers you as online shop owner or seller on platforms the following benefits:


    • A strict check of online stores on several aspects, including laws and regulation, security and financial stability.
    • Compliance with European laws and regulation
    • Members will be certified every year.
    • Active check on illegal use of logo and certificate.


    • The certificate is issued by a non-profit association.
    • Our events will not be funded by contribution or certification costs, but by sponsoring and ticket sales.
    • An independent arbitration committee and mediation of complaints for consumers and online shop owners


    • Our Terms and Conditions have been drawn up in cooperation with the Dutch Consumers Association.
    • The financial check will be carried out by an third-party accountant/credit rating agency.
    • The legal check will be carried out by an third-party legal consultancy.


Not everyone can become a member of and Shopping Secure. These trustmarks stand for safe and secure online shopping, in the Netherlands as well as abroad, so our members must comply with laws and regulation. That is why they have to pass through a certification process and will be recertified every year. The certification process consists of three components: a legal check, financial monitoring and a safety scan.

How does it work?

You can only carry the Shopping Secure logo when you are a member, which means that both your Dutch online shop as your foreign shops will be certified. Certification takes places on the common denominator of European law and legislation. Do you wish to be completely compliant for one particular country? You can notify us of this and apply for an additional certification. Please note: This additional certification is not included in the regular Shopping Secure certification but can be obtained against additional costs. 

Shopping Secure rates

Online shops that are a member of can be certified for the European market against additional costs. This rate is made up of the following components:

  1. Additional certification costs for Shopping Secure: € 400 per year
  2. A contribution scale on your national and cross-border turnover: the yearly contribution for the Dutch market is increased with your online turnover in the countries in which your online store carries Shopping Secure.In other words, this amount depends on your domestic and foreign online turnover. Please note: Members' contribution will only increase by one contribution class per year, as a result of which online shop owners will not suddenly be confronted with greatly increased contribution costs.

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Do you want to learn more about Shopping Secure? Please contact Paloma van der Put through  of +31 (0)318 64 85 75. Click the button below when you want to apply for Shopping Secure immediately.

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