Thuiswinkel Reviews for business partners offers its business partners 250 free invitations for reviews per month.

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Why reviews?

  • Quick and easy customer feedback, giving you targeted input that you can use to quickly improve your services where necessary
  • 250 free invitations a month worth €150 a year
  • Your star rating shown in Google Ads campaigns
  • Business customers are also influenced by the opinions of others, which means that positive reviews will make them more likely to pick your company and you will increase your revenue

Ask your customers to rate and review your services quickly and easily, giving you the free feedback you need to continue to improve. can offer its partners 250 free review invitations a month. If you would like to send more invitations, we can offer you a very attractive rate.


What is a review?

A review is a customer's assessment of your company, product or service, consisting of a numerical grade and feedback. These reviews contain tips on how to better align your business, product or services with your customers' needs. Besides, displaying reviews on your website is a great way to gain the trust of prospective customers.

The impact of reviews on purchasing decisions

A survey by Dimensional Research shows that 90% of business customers report that their purchasing decisions are influenced by positive online reviews (source:, 2013). It’s clear as day: reviews can be a valuable extra service for our business partners. 

On top of that, reviews will make you more competitive, as potential customers are more likely to purchase services from highly rated service providers. In that same survey, 86% of respondents indicated that negative online reviews also affect their purchasing decisions.

About Thuiswinkel Business Partner Reviews

  • Quick and easy. After signing up, you can get started with the review system and send your first invitations within a few days.
  • Automatically send and share invitations. Would you prefer sending your customer a review request 6 days after buying a product or service? Or is two weeks your sweet spot? You can customize the system to suit your needs and send invitations automatically when you want.
  • Your own review system. In your own account, you can view all customer reviews and view your score by category. Only customers who have actually made a purchase can submit a review, and you can even add your own specific questions.
  • Improved marketing. Are you running a Google Ads campaign? Great! You can show your reviews (and star rating) in the ad.
  • 250 free invitations a month. As a business partner, you can use up to free 250 invitations for Thuiswinkel Business Partner Reviews per month. Want to send more invitations? We can offer you a very attractive rate.

Sign up

If you are a business partner, you can sign up with the registration form. KiyOh will contact you within a few days to get you started and will answer any questions you have about the system. 


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