in Europe

Operating in the Netherlands, is committed to improving the e-commerce sector through advocacy, networking, research, and our trustmarks. However, since many laws and regulations are drafted and proposed by the European Commission in Brussels, we have joined Ecommerce Europe as a member.

Online retailers selling products and/or services in other European countries seek to receive and exchange specific information and data. They want to receive reports on e-commerce in various countries, containing information on topics such as the digital infrastructure or the number of online consumers in a specific country. Online retailers are also aware that laws and regulations are drafted by the European Commission in Brussels and that international selling is deeply impacted by this European VAT, privacy and logistics legislation.

National interest groups are partnered with Ecommerce Europe

To be able to influence European laws and regulations and to work towards a positive business climate, has joined up with around 20 other national advocacy groups in Ecommerce Europe, a young and dynamic association representing the interests of online retailers throughout Europe.

Ecommerce Europe represents more than 25,000 online retailers that sell online products and/or services to consumers across Europe. Its mission is to promote cross-border e-commerce through advocacy, networking and research, and by lowering barriers to access. Ecommerce Europe is partnered with three committees, of which is a member.

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