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Thuiswinkel Widget

The Thuiswinkel Widget is a central dashboard containing all relevant information about your online store, including verified data and your membership certificate (both Thuiswinkel Waarborg and Thuiswinkel Zakelijk). If you use Thuiswinkel Reviews, they too will show up in the widget.

Because the widget hovers in the same place as users scroll through a website, it always remains visible to consumers, constantly reminding them of the reliability of your store. There are two versions of the widget, so retailers can pick the version that suits their website best.

[Unique Selling Points]

All the information about the reliability of your website in one place: verified contact information, the certificate and Thuiswinkel Reviews
The widget hovers in the same place, constantly reminding consumers that your website has been verified.
We make sure that the information in the widget stays up to date, so you don't have to take any action yourself
A pop-up appears when users click on the widget, so they won’t leave your website
The widget is also compatible with mobile website
The widget can be added to any web page of your choosing

What does the widget look like?

Below is a screenshot of the widget in an online store.

When a user clicks on the widget, a pop-up opens and displays all relevant information about your store and your membership. 

How do I implement the Thuiswinkel Widget?

If you’re a member, you can implement the widget through Mijn Thuiswinkel. All you have to do is generate an HTML code by indicating where and how you want the widget to be shown in the tool. Next, add the snippets of code to the appropriate pages. You can also use Google Tag Manager.

For more information about implementing the Thuiswinkel Widget, please consult the manual. Download the manual here.