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Sellers on platforms

Do you want to stand out among other platform sellers and rank higher on platforms? Then join us.

With our certification scheme for platform sellers, we give sellers the opportunity to foster trust and give their customers more protection and rights when making a purchase on a platform. Certified sellers show that they comply with all applicable laws and regulations and that buyers have access to complaint mediation and independent arbitration if push comes to shove.

[Unique Selling Points]

Improved visibility and trust on the platform with the Thuiswinkel Waarborg/Zakelijk badge*
Higher ranking on platforms*
Foster trust with a dedicated certificate*
Give buyers the right to complaint mediation and consumers to independent arbitration
Free legal advice from
Access to all other products and services

Selling on platforms

A massive 73% of Dutch consumers (in Dutch) now start their search for a new purchase in an online marketplace. is committed to fostering trust in online retail and has protected consumers and e-retailers alike for the past twenty years, and we will continue to do so in today’s platform economy.

Stand out on platforms

Standing out on a platform is often easier said than done. There are often many competitors offering similar products and the battle for the buy box can be fierce. Stand out in a good way by signing up for

Several platforms will reward you by boosting your ranking and displaying the Thuiswinkel Waarborg badge on your company page, which means consumers will be more inclined to purchase something from your store.

Membership benefits for sellers on platforms

Certification and membership come with lots of benefits.

  • Visibility and trust on/via the platform with the Thuiswinkel Waarborg/Zakelijk badge.*
  • A higher ranking on the platform.*
  • Improve buyer trust with a dedicated certificate.*
  • Improve buyer trust with’s General Terms and Conditions.
  • Assurance that you are compliant with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Give buyers the right to complaint mediation and consumers to independent arbitration.
  • Make use of’s free legal advice.
  • Benefit from joint advocacy for vendors.
  • Free survey results, including the new Platform Monitor 2020.
  • Your store will be added to’s member list.
  • All other products and services.

* Depending on the platform

And that’s just the start of everything we do... Want to find out more about our efforts?

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