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Free legal advice

We know how difficult it can be to keep up with all laws and regulations on e-commerce, which is why we’re happy to take that job off your hands entirely. All our members are entitled to free legal advice.

During the certification process and the annual recertification process, we run a check to see if your store complies with all applicable laws and regulations, but you may also encounter situations in your day-to-day operations that require a helping hand. With a combined experience of over 35 years in e-commerce and other laws and regulations, our lawyers can help you with free legal advice. Even if you have a question about a non-standard legal matter, our experts are here to help! They can help you with: 

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Consumer Law
General Terms and Conditions
Privacy Act
General legal problems or questions
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Thuiswinkel.org certification
Questions about COVID-19 and e-commerce
Complaints, disputes and the Thuiswinkel Arbitration Committee

We can also help you with questions about privacy law, arbitration, (additional) general terms and conditions, unfair commercial practices, product liability, sale and delivery of services and digital content, travel contracts, privacy and personal data protection, private law (general contract law and property law), the Distance Selling Act, telecommunications law, personal data protection law, cookie law, the Dutch advertising code, intellectual property rights and other matters.

Thuiswinkel Privacy Tool

As an e-retailer, you strive to comply with the latest laws and regulations and want your customers and prospective customers to trust that their data are processed securely and correctly. That's why Thuiswinkel.org teamed up with ICTRecht and PrivacyBlox to develop the Thuiswinkel Privacy Tool, a tool that lets members test whether they’re compliant with privacy laws. Please note that this free Privacy Tool is available exclusively to our members. 

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

On our page on Laws and Regulations, you’ll find Frequently Asked Questions and answers about the Distance Selling Act and your rights and obligations as an e-retailer. If you can’t find all the information your looking for, let us know at juridisch@thuiswinkel.org, and we'll help you out.