Thuiswinkel Waarborg Verticaal RGB
Thuiswinkel Waarborg Verticaal RGB
Winkelwagentje 800 X 400
Thuiswinkel Waarborg

Thuiswinkel Waarborg is the most important trustmark for Dutch e-tailers.

Best-known trustmark for e-retailers
Free legal advice
Independent arbitration committee
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Thuiswinkel Zakelijk Verticaal RGB
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk Verticaal RGB
Winkelwagentje Zakelijk 800 X 400
Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

Thuiswinkel Zakelijk is the trustmark for e-retailers selling to B2B customers.

Show that your shop can be trusted
Established name in e-commerce
Comply with the latest regulations
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Thuiswinkel Platform Verticaal RGB
Winkelwagentjes 800 X 400
Thuiswinkel Platform

With Thuiswinkel Platform, offers a trustmark for online platforms and marketplaces.

The trustmark for platforms
Show that you are trustworthy
Better cooperation with sellers
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Thuiswinkel Waarborg Verticaal RGB
Winkelwagentje Vop 800 X 400
Sellers on platforms

Do you sell products through platforms? In that case you can apply for Thuiswinkel Waarborg as well.

Gain the trust of shoppers
Higher ranking on platforms*
Platform-specific certificate
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Shopping Secure Verticaal RGB
Winkelwagentje Shopping Secure 800 X 400 (2)
Shopping Secure

Shopping Secure is’s new international trustmark.

International appeal
Expand your market
For B2C
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Thuiswinkel Reviews Lijstweergave 800 X 400 Houten Blokjes Met Sterren
Thuiswinkel Reviews

Our members can profit from our exclusive review system.

Competitive rate
Automatic invitations
Verified Reviews
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Wethamer En Laptop 800X400
Free legal advice

Do you need any help interpreting the law? We have a number of top legal advisors who are happy to help you. Free of charge.

Consumer Law
General Terms and Conditions
Privacy Act
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Klantenservice Smileys En Hand 800X400
Complaint mediation

Have you received a complaint from a customer and do you want to know your rights? Our legal team can help.

Complaint mediation
Free legal advice
Free dispute database
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Bewust Bezorgd Verticaal Kleur RGB
Bewust Bezorgd Lijstweergave 800 X 400 Bewust Bezorgd Naam Steentjes En Plant
Bewust Bezorgd

Bewust Bezorgd helps you to make the delivery of packages to consumers even more efficient and sustainable.

Keep track of your carbon emissions
Check the impact of your carbon savings
Green your store
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Belangenbehartiging Lijstweergave 800 X 400 Handen Schudden
Advocacy represents the interests of its members with the policymakers in both The Hague and Brussels.

Policy advisors on key topics
Good political connections
Strong negotiating position
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Widget Voorbeeld Webshop Certificaat
Thuiswinkel Widget

In the Thuiswinkel Widget you can collect all information on your online store in one spot.

Everything in one place
Always in sight
All information up-to-date
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Bemiddeling Panorama
Platform-to-Business Mediation offers a mediation service to online platforms. As an independent and impartial organization, it can resolve disputes between online e-commerce platforms and businesses without court intervention.

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