All members benefit. All members pay a membership fee based on last year’s online revenue, with the strongest shoulders carrying the heaviest burden.

What does membership of cost?

  1. One-off registration fee: €75
  2. Annual certification fees:
    • Thuiswinkel Waarborg or Thuiswinkel Zakelijk: €390 (€345 + €45 per URL)
    • Thuiswinkel Waarborg and Thuiswinkel Zakelijk: an additional €160 (if the URL is the same)
  3. Membership fee: based on the fee rules; see the table

Extra options

  • Platform seller certification
    • Platform sellers who do not have their own online store pay an annual certification fee of ֔ €100* (plus an extra €45 per additional platform). Their membership fee is based on revenue earned on Dutch platforms (see the membership fee rules).
    • Platform sellers with their own online store pay an annual certification fee of €390.* Their membership fee is based on total online revenue in the Netherlands, including revenue on platforms and their own store (see membership fee rules).
    • E-retailers who are already members of and also sell their products or services on platforms can have their first platform certified for free. A € 45 fee is charged for each additional platform.
  • Shopping Secure
    • Additional certification fee for Shopping Secure: €400 per year
    • Fee tiers are based on national and cross-border revenue: the annual fee paid for the Netherlands is increased based on the revenue from the countries in which the e-retailer in question uses Shopping Secure. As such, the total membership fee depends on Dutch and foreign online revenue. Please note that members can only jump one tier per year to avoid sudden, significant increases in membership fees.
    • A certification fee of €45 per country is charged for extra countries.

* If you set additional terms and conditions, an additional fee will apply.

Certification fees

The certification fees are used to fund the certification process, which does not turn a profit. Your online store will be audited by independent legal advisory firm ICTRecht to check whether it complies with Dutch laws and regulations, while credit rating agency Graydon will assess your company’s financial status and Forus P. will carry out the security scan. 

How is the membership fee structured? is more than just a trustmark: we’re an advocacy group. We were involved in creating the iDEAL payment system, for instance, and lobby for cookie legislation and consumer law in Brussels.

Protecting retailers’ interests, research, legal advice, developing new products and sharing market information requires knowledge and costs time and money. All members benefit; from start-up e-retailers to Twinkle100 members. All members pay a membership fee based on last year’s online revenue, with the strongest shoulders carrying the heaviest burden.

Fee table


Class Annual revenue (incl. VAT) up to  Contribution (excl. VAT)
 1 €0 €50,000 €150
 2 €50,000 €100,000 €500
 3 €100,000 €250,000 €750
 4 €250,000 €500,000 €1,000
 5 €500,000 €1,000,000 €1,250
 6 €1,000,000 €2,000,000 €2,000
 7 €2,000,000 €4,000,000 €3,800
 8 €4,000,000 €6,000,000 €5,200
 9 €6,000,000 €8,000,000 €7,300
 10 €8,000,000 €10,000,000 €9,300
 11 €10,000,000 €12,000,000 €11,300
 12 €12,000,000 €16,000,000 €13,500
 13 €16.000.000 €20,000,000 €15,000
 14 €20,000,000 €30,000,000 €17,000
 15 €30,000,000 €40,000,000 €18,500
 16 €40,000,000 €50,000,000 €20,500
 17 More than €50,000,000   €29,000* max.

* Contact one of our relationship managers.

  1. The annual revenue consists of the realized revenue from sales through the affiliated online store in the Netherlands in the past year including VAT. This therefore excludes sales from brick-and-mortar stores.
  2. The membership fee is charged annually, excluding VAT and excluding the costs of the annual certification by Stichting Certificering (€390 for online stores and €100 for sellers on platforms).  
    1. For each additional trade name/online store, we charge an additional €45 ex VAT per year.
    2. Each additional platform will also be charged €45 ex VAT per year.
  3. If you become a member during the year, fees are calculated from the quarter in which you join.

What are you not paying for? is a non-profit association. We strive to use the fees to assist our members, conduct research and defend our members’ interests as much as possible. Our workshops and conferences, which members can attend for free or at a discount to learn and network, are funded through sponsorship and ticket sales.