Being a member of involves much more than simply having permission to use the trustmark. You can earn this trustmark by successfully completing the certification process. This ensures that you and your customers know that you’re a successful and reliable e-tailer. What else do we offer? 


Increased reach and higher conversion rates

  • Create more trust: A total of 92% of consumers recognize the Thuiswinkel Waarborg logo.
  • 80% are influenced by customer reviews. Demonstrate your customer-friendliness with Thuiswinkel Reviews.
  • Make your business stand out on Dutch comparison sites such as and thanks to the visibility of the Thuiswinkel Waarborg at your online store.
  • Your online store is part of a group of well-known online retailers, including, Wehkamp and Coolblue.

 Feel confident that you comply with the law

  • Your online store will be fully compliant, thanks to an annual audit for compliance with legislation, security, and financial stability.
  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through the use of the Thuiswinkel Privacy Tool (for the amount of €2,440 a year). This will allow you unlimited access to essential legal documents.
  • Receive free legal advice about legislation (including consumer laws) in the event of complaints and disputes.
  • Avoid fines, as we will proactively inform you about any changes in legislation and other important issues.
  • The independent Arbitration Board will intercede in the event of any conflicts between e-tailers and consumers.

Keep your e-commerce knowledge always up-to-date 

  • Receive the Thuiswinkel Market Monitor free of charge, containing detailed data and statistics on the Dutch e-commerce market (4 issues a year with a retail value of €5,000).
  • The European B2C E-commerce Report is your guide to the international market (with a retail value of €1,500).
  • The E-commerce Holiday Report gives you insight into important trends during the holiday season (retail value: €1,500).
  • The B2b E-commerce Monitor will keep you updated on the online b2b retail landscape in the Netherlands (retail value: €2,500).
  • Stay on top of current trends with a complimentary subscription to Twinkle Magazine (value: €57.50).

Expand your network

  • Free access to Shopping Today, the leading e-commerce conference in the Netherlands (value: €395).
  • Get inspired by the best speakers in the Netherlands at our New Year’s reception (value: €195).
  • Join one of the expert groups for our ShoppingTomorrow research program.
  • Update your knowledge about topics such as conversion optimization and take part in the e-Academy Talent Circle (20% discount for members).

We can get more done together

  • Share your ideas in one of our committees, including E-commerce, Responsible E-Commerce, and Digital Payments.
  • We defend your interests in both Brussels and The Hague.
  • Benefit from the industry-wide projects we launch. For example, sign up for the Bewust Bezorgd calculation tool, which calculates and optimizes the environmental impact of your logistics operation. This allows you to both contribute to a cleaner environment and get your online store noticed by consumers. 

Would you like to join

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